Pierre and Yvan.

I’ve had a motorcycle on and off in my life. I got my first when I was about 9. Very awesome and important experience that I would not change.

There are two angles on motorcycles for me.

1) They are good.

2) They are bad.

What did you expect?


-Comradery. It was a shared experience with my brother Brett.

-Agility. I don’t mean all this unenlightened hot-rodding nonsense. I mean convenience of parking. Traffic jam resistance, curb hopping. Push starting.

-Accessibility. Cost, DIY maintenance. Less parts. Affordable tools and shop.

-Environment. Less vehicle is less consumption. Superior gas mileage (I don’t mean hair brained bikes with bigger engines than four of your lawn mowers).

-Other. Pickup truck transportation, push transportation. Easy storage. Living room storage (I’ve done it when I was in school).


-Capacity. One passenger. Less luggage. More time packing. More time finding things.

-Weather protection. It takes time to gear up.



When you look at this spreadsheet, it all adds up except the death part. That’s an area I’d like to cut back on.

I’ve been lucky. I’ve not had any real injuries. I mean the kind you’d want to undo. But I’ve known people who’ve been not so lucky.

For instance my friend Pierre (pictured) is in a wheel chair (and Ivan B. hi-sku friend). I got to know Pierre well at university when we were in the same residence. He married his nurse and got a job and so forth. He is deceased (RIP).  This very old picture dropped onto my lap yesterday and got me thinking.

My very first girlfriend, Patti P. was in an accident. Rumor had it, it was very bad and she may not remember everything. I’ve been able to verify that. She does not actually remember me or the town we knew each other in, in Quebec (Moise). Wait, that might be normal. Okay bad joke.

John S. was one of my motorcycle friends from childhood. He’s alive but apparently had a bike accident that contributed to a rough ride in life. I miss John and wish he’d contact me at least to say hi.

There are other experiences with others and their motorcycle un-zen that make me think. Un-Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Motorcycle Suicide? When I was a salsa dance nut, we used to kid about a term I coined. “Salsa-Suicide”. This is the act of quitting salsa. Leaving the community. Throwing in your nachos. The term was cooked up because people who did it often gave warnings and so forth. Just a call for attention. Not to trivialize it (or suicide) but we used the term to indicate certain patterns.

Could it be time for motorcycle suicide?

I have a nice Honda Shadow if anybody else wants it…. 🙂



I did have a phase during my marriage where I was against bikes because of their risks. That was all about availability for parenting and relationships and stuff. I’m not really addressing this here. Except that after making the choice against bikes, I learned to open my mind again.