New Gondola for Drawbot

I spent about 10h in the lab making a new gondola, electrical cabinet and new spool holders for the drawbot.

I compressed it into a 2m video for fun.

I had to make a few metal parts as well by cutting off some 1/4-20 rod.

I did some redesign of the gondola so it has the following improvements.

-It is now bolt together and is very configurable.

-You can vary the point of attachment of the cables.

-There are now three positions for ballasts. A new one at the bottom to increase stability.

-It is now transparent.

-The clamp is cut away so you can see the pen.

-The area where the pen contacts the paper is cut away so the observer can see the pen contact.

The new spool holders are in red translucent acrylic. I also made a cover for the electronics.

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