Small Cardboard parts on CNC

That roller system I added to one of my CNC system works so well I decided to try and make something on it out of cardboard.

A small thin box for transporting the briefcase version of the Squirrel model plane.

It works well if the cardboard is in good shape and also for long and very thin parts you need to go against the grain.

cardboard parameters

Material Thickness: 3/16″
In/Outside Overcut: 140%
Bit Diameter: 1/16″
Tab Width 1/4″
Tab Depth(cut %): 50
Safe Travel Z: 21/64″
Safe Travel X: 14 1/4″
Safe Travel Y: 16 3/4″
Overyead Gantry: Yes
Generate Multipass: No
Step Over: 30%