Thermal Thinking

Emily Daniels has been working on citizen electricity. I think it’s a cool project so I’ve been keeping it in the back of my mind.

I came across this thermo-couple (manual) which can turn your drink into electricity (it’s used in education). Steve Aplin was mentioning thermonuclear electricity so it dawned on me there must be good thermo couples out there. I’ve always thought of them more in the sensor space than the generator space.

I looked for some DIY planes and have not found any yet but requested a quote on the device. I did find this page on DIY electricity.

What ties this together is my pop pop boat project. I noticed they use olive oil as fuel. So I figured heat is so easy to make from household materials that it could be a base for citizen power. So why not look at ways of going from heat to electricity rather than look for chemical potential energy?

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