Unpacking Mr. Draw and assembling Gondola

I use foam, plastic and newspaper for packing so unpack carefully from the top of the box (the address label is on the front side). So you face the label towards you and the top of the box will be upward.

Once you have everything out of the box, the gondola (pen holder) may need some assembly.

The gondola ma be divided into two parts. You’ll want to carefully remove the two wooden disk nuts that are screwed on the pen holder and screw the assembly onto the base. Be careful not to loose all the parts off the threaded rod.

Once you screw the two rods into the base, then tighten the red circle nuts by hand (be careful not to strip). Just use enough force so it wont come apart. Make sure the threaded rod isn’t screwed through the base since it will contact the drawing surface (no big deal but it might scratch).