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Want to learn about 3d printers? Act fast!!! Paul Mumby is giving a presentation tonight! Register here!

Here are a few details:

Please join us before the technical meeting for a bar meal and chin wag in the

RA Centre’s Fieldhouse Restaurant at 6pm.


The Self Replicating Machine and other Robots


Paul Mumby


Synopsis: We are all used to the idea of being able to download a picture, or document, and print it out easily. And now imagine  a world where you can download  a coat hook for your wall, or a replacement light switch cover, or that hard to find part for your dishwasher, and print it out simply, easily, at the click of a button, and for a miniscule cost. In this world, engineers, hobbyists, and artists alike can easily test and prototype their creations in their homes, for a cost which is nearly negligible compared to current methods. Consider a place where you can walk into your blank office space, with 4 smooth walls, and use your tablet or phone to select the furniture you would like, and watch it fabricated right before your eyes, directly into the places you want it in the room.  This is 3D printing and may be about to revolutionise our industry.  3D printing is finding applications in many industries from medicine (buiding bones and skin grafts), food manufacture (icing cakes) as well as more traditional engineering, especially for building highly complex shapes.

Paul came and talked to us last January when he showed us a machine that he was building that could build a copy of itself.  Since then, his machine has indeed built other robots as well as many other items – including knitted chainmail which has to be seen to be believed.

We have had many request for Paul to return and provide us with an update of his work.  So, this time Paul will be demonstrating his improved 3D printer and the other robots including a  Quadcopter UAV.  This is real basement engineering – amazing stuff.


Paul Mumby is a self-confessed life-long  tinkerer. His post secondary education started with Electronics Engineering  and Computer Engineering and later included Systems Administration and Network Security.  Engineering has always been his passion and he has dabbled in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Mechanical Engineering and Electronics Engineering over the years with many projects.  Paul works for RealDecoy as an IT Manager.