Since I reorganized my lab things are much more efficient. Here’s what the Squirrel boxing operation looks like now. The box templates are stuffed between the shelf and the wall, empty boxes are lower left and boxes ready for shipping are to the right of that. What you’re seeing here are two sizes. The 5 and the 10. They are the smallest boxes I use and can take up to 10 or 11 Squirrel model plane kits.

So I decided to take the time saved by this new organization and spend it right away! I redesigned the 10 box to make them quicker to assemble. That should come back as savings in time too.

The older version of the 10 box has a lid that folds and glues down to the front of the box. This work great but the box generally has to by dried before packing so it feels like two steps. Also the top has to be closed with tape to hold it down for the glue.

So I added some lips to the sides of the lid that can fold down. They can glue to the sides (adding rigidity) and have a small feature to plug into a hole in the front of the box. I just made four of them to get some orders ready and they work great. I will add one more feature so a clothes pin can hold it shut while they are drying and awaiting labels.

That went really well so got greedy and went for more improvements. I lengthened the feature for holding the box top closed and added some new features so the box could be clamped while it is closed. The ones on the front are from an older version of the 5 box. The ones on the sides are new.

Now backing and box assembly can be done in one step instead of two (the box assembly used to need to have the glue dry before they could be packed).

Now you can glue the basic box together, clamp it from the bottom then add the products to the box. Add glue to the top side lips and close (and it stays closed). The front flange can be glued and clamped.