Exhaust Fan, Compressor and Chiller

Where to get a converter for this plug?

The exhaust fan and air compressor for my laser are both marked as 220V. I found a transformer among my accessories. But I don’t have the right cord to plug it in. I was able to test since there is a power bar with generic input and generic output plugs. The laser itself has two power supplies which I will check shortly. The supplier said they are 110 so I guess the laser plugs directly to 120V and the pumps and the chiller go to 220V using the converter.

I think if I have the right plug I can run the pump, blower and chiller at the 220.

Does anybody have or know where to get a plug converter for the picture at the right? I need to plug it into our 120V outlet.

Michael points out that the wattage isn’t quite okay:

110w chiller
380w compressor
550w blower