HTC Raider Battery problems and solution

I have an HTC Raider which is a nice Android phone but it eats batteries. With normal use the battery life is not really acceptable. Another thing about this phone is if it has a hard time finding a signal it will turn up the power on the radio and run itself down very quickly. When this happens, the phone actually heats up like crazy.

I found a solution for this which has been working very well (and another that looks interesting but considerably weaker).

On the left is a charger and pair of battery packs for my phone I got in China. This was 20 or 25 dollars and is very awesome. You basically carry this charger and two spare batteries with you and if your phone runs out of steam you just switch batteries. So you get 3 times the capacity. It’s very nice to know that by the time you are towards the end of the business day you can just switch batteries in a few seconds and your running on full steam. I just went into ebay and searched for my phone model and presto there it was. I’m very happy with this solution.

I also found that you can really increase the battery life by turning it off. 🙂 Sounds crazy but I was able to get pretty far in one situation where I kept it off and turned it on about every 2h to see if I had any important messages.

On the right in the picture is another solution. It’s a solar charge system.  I’ve not tried it yet but here’s some of the logic.

Positive: Not specific to phone, charges from 120-220V, charges from the sun.

Negative: Takes 8h to charge from plug in, takes 20h to charge from sun, bulky.

I will give it a try but what I’m noticing is that in a typical city environment you’re not in the sun much so it would be tricky to figure out how to get it to charge by solar. I think it would be a general backup and in certain emergencies it could be interesting.  I’ll report back once I try it.

One thought on “HTC Raider Battery problems and solution

  1. I suffer the same fate. but this is not a practical solution, just a workaround. That’s too much work and effort for a battery that supposed to last longer than that.
    Try installing Ju1ce Def3nder on your phone and see the wonders it makes
    It extended my battery with another 4 hours or so.

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