Vector drawing with robots

Sandy NobleĀ is working on vector images!

This will be a significant developemt and Sandy Noble seems to be pretty close to getting it solved. Check out the vector image he made at the right.

I’ve had this problem on the drawing board and by the looks of things, Sandy’s approach might be better than what I had planned (at least in the first revision).

I’ve got quite a bit going but I might take him up on his challenge to make an Inkscape plugin. The next 2 weeks are going to be hellish with the installation of my new laser cutter and new project intake but I think this is a worthwhile problem.

One thought on “Vector drawing with robots

  1. Your website looks fine to me on Rogers.

    What would the gear look like in your “Vector Drawing with Robots” image. Maybe more like a pulley with axial cuts to take the joints? The cable looks like ‘chain’ for a blind.

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