Box refinements

I spent the afternoon working on boxes. As you can see the boxes I make re-use cardboard from many sources. The cardboard goes into the box-o-matic (CNC) with the label facing down. That way the old printing winds up on the inside of the box.

One thing I noticed was the time it takes to reach for clothespins to clamp them together. I was keeping them in a ziplock back. I have other box related stuff in the bag (hobby knife, alternate  clothespins, rubber bands) which is causing some trouble but I decided to go with a fresh approach. I made a small tray out of cardboard and then clipped the clothes pins to the side. You can go at least two layers high so there is enough capacity for now.

I did a couple runs of this today and it works pretty well. I can make some a batch of boxes and of course the tray becomes empty. As the boxes dry the clothes pins get added back.

This tray is making it easier for sure. The time to store and retrieve a pin is pretty fast now. The next thing I want to work on is the glue delivery. I’m using a small bottle that gets refilled.

The refilling is pretty easy. I noticed the cheap glue (like you see above) requires more and dries slower. I suppose there’s more water content. Those bottles are about 15 bucks each. I have two gallons of carpenter glue (up next) which was 25 bucks/gallon. I may have received one of them on sale for 20 bucks at Busy Bee.

I need to get a better applicator. The advantage of the one I have (nothing) is that you don’t cap and recap. There’s just a big hole and you dump the glue onto the workpiece. You don’t have to cap it since there isn’t much time between sessions.

I’m just finishing up my “2-step” boxes. You glue them then later you pick and pack with them. They are being replaced by one step boxes so I can assemble them at the same time as they are being packed. This means I won’t need as many of them pre-assembled. The can just stay flat until needed.