Okay, it’s a bracelet made from Lwarf.

I decided to start adding little holes in the small pieces that drop out when making parts on the laser cutter. Then they can be strung up to make a lwarf-let. Yippie! Less waste!

I added some funny loops and stuff that were in my spare parts bin plus made a few parts and we’re off to the races.

Toy jewelry.

For safety on the necklace (since it has strong fishing wire from my drawing robot project), I made the clasp out of two small button beads and I just tie them up with a rubber band. This will give. Might get in her hair.

Wait, a hair elastic!!! That’s the ticket!

Also, for the bracelet, I have a button bead at each end. I pull the cord out trough one of the buttons and the threaded the other button through the cord and pulled tight seems to work great.