Top Magnetic Generator Review

Woah, here’s a funny one:

In the video testimonial the claim is: “It kinda works”! Here’s the video.

The same Web site links to this video and tries to sell you something for about 50 bucks. They say it’s been ready for commercial exploitation since 1992. Yeah, okay…

This one is quite typical. It depends on the imagination of the audience. Connecting a battery to something and then having it move is not over unity or perpetual motion. Anybody can run stuff off of batteries, there’s nothing special about that.

It would be special if it could run indefinitely or power something (aside from just using the batteries to power the item).

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  1. I think I am the only malaysian whose interested in magnetic perpetual technology, and I’ll already design a new system for perpetual tech, still waiting for my neo diamond magnet ordered from ningbo china, and already received my PMA bought from missouri wind and solar. I BELIEVE law of physic can be broken, if there’s a will there’s always a way, may be someday one of us will success in our experiment,God bless you all

  2. The Howard Johnson hasn’t been replicated as to my knowledge but magnet generators are used everyday by wind generators or even giant hydro power plants. Hook up a motor to one and you have electricity. You people over generalize thinking everything is about over unity or perpetual motion and there is very little that is real about that. People are interested as I am in getting free electricity or very much cheaper electricity but you nay sayers are every where voting for big government and phony physics that change every year. That is called being narrow minded and short sighted!

  3. I’d have to agree with you broadly speaking most of the alternative energy crowd do show more enthusiasm than ability, but that seems, a fairly universal human trait, as does the concomittant dishonesty, which also seems very popular at the moment.

    Never the less, IS it really so hard to believe that we do not actually understand yet all the possibilities that his universe has? DO we really think for a moment that we know all that is to be known even in the field of physics?

    I have tried making a couple of alternative energy demonstrations models, one worked, one didn’t. The one that worked isn’t powering my house, nor is it likely, but it does demonstrate to my satisfaction that physics the text books are not yet complete. But it keeps me occupied producing variants, Devising standised testing, making sheets of data, and looking, always looking for something new.

    I’m quite happy to be called names by people who know more than I do, because nowadays, because I have seen what other people have done, applied the principles of scientific investigation as far as I am able, and I have spent 1000’s of hours researching the field and doing my best at weeding out the stuff that doesn’t “look right to me”. I have found that there is a strong cadre of “the faithful” in the field of physical investigation who are just as zealous as any other religious group, except in their case the religion is science, and it should never be questioned, certainly not by the laity….

    Darcy says, show me one that works. In the case of my over unity device, just like Thomas Edison would say, I can show you one that definitely does not. (actually other people do seem to get the results claimed, and I may have cocked my implementation up) I certainly got the second experiment I did quite badly wrong, which as it turned out was really great for me, because my mistake works more interestingly than advertised.

    I have met some truly original thinkers in the alternative energy field, who are quite a degree cleverer than your average bear, and who are producing some challenging works, but I have met many, many dullards on both sides of the fence, who wouldn’t know the difference between scientific research and dogma.

    Look, the truth IS out there, (unless the men in black have removed it,) there is a video on youtube where 2 young boys of 10 and 14 set up some magnets and undeniably get an over unity thing, and that’s REALLY easy to duplicate. The really hard part about doing work in this field, is overcoming that feeling of “NO it couldn’t possibly work” and actually giving your experiment of choice a go.

    There is another one where two guys use a petrol powered generator to strike an arc under water, and eventually (after some fardling about) use the gas produced to power the motor driving the generator. You wouldn’t think it could possibly work, but it does. If you look at what they are doing and you think hard enough it’s discernable where the energy is actually coming from, (So I didn’t have to build it, thank god).

    When I win the lottery I am going to set up a sweatshop and employ some unemployed people to build up the experiments and apparatus that I have identified as of interest, but in the meantime, I have a little lab of my own with some fully depreciated or cheap and chinese test equipment, and when I grow tired of looking for stuff that might work, and wading through the empty headed punditry and rhetoric to see if any honest investigators have actually disproven the experiment to my satisfaction, the I turn off the laptop, fire up the experiment, and do a bit of pushing at the boundaries of what I (and apparently many others) know..

    Just saying, kids.
    Steve C.

    • I agree we don’t understand the universe.

      But making a machine work is key.

      Lots of fake video out there. It isn’t real unless the details are revealed an you can replicate it.

  4. I find it funny that as soon as you say it’s impossible, then comes the question: “How do you know it does not work, have you built one? No need to build one if you have a basic understanding of Physics. They you get the comments: “Your education is full of lies.” or ” It’s a Law and Laws can be broken.” “The Government is suppressing this technology!” I usually tell them to try it for themselves while reading about Electricity and Basic Physics because when they finally realize it won’t work, they will know why.

    • Hi Robert,

      Thanks for the comment. I know what you mean.

      But I find that typical perpetual heads don’t try it. They just talk. That’s how their talk gets so far from reality. Because they’re all talk and no doing.

      But their an interesting crowd. 🙂


  5. Hy, you presented 2 coil generator running and the schematic was for 1 coil generator, how do you explain that, little mistake? do you have the real schematic for the one you presented running ?

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