Bone progress

Okay, I connected 5V to the bone, then the USB. It mounted and showed the file system at the right of the picture.

I connected it to a router that’s on the network and a new IP address appeared on the network using the name beaglebone.

I was able to connect to this using SSH as you can see from the two windows on the left. Since I’m on Windows I used ssh and winSCP.

I’m supposing the file system on the right is somewhere inside the file system on the left?

Anyway, I’m glad the thing booted up. I’m supposed to load the latest OS according to the documentation so I may work on that tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Bone progress

  1. The file system that shows up as a USB drive is one of the partitions on the SD card that is not mounted in the Linux file system by default. You can mount it with ‘mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt’, but it is not advisable to have the drive mounted both locally and remotely by your Windows machine as that can cause bad things to happen if you aren’t careful. Unmount it from one before you mount it from the other.

    • Thanks so much. I sorta thought it was a different partition. I wont mount it I was just thinking aloud.

      I may get a chance to fiddle with the board tonight… Will report progress!

      Thanks again Jason!

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