Graffiti constructive?

I was walking along Laurier Street (Ottawa) a few minutes ago and came across this interesting piece of stencil graffiti.

I was thinking that the people that made the graffiti might have a point. If you’ve been wronged by police this could be a big issue because if you try to engage them they can abuse their power.

For example in Boston a man was falsely arrested for filming police while they were arresting someone else. The city paid out 170,000 of damage to the individual and realize it was wrong. But this is still sort of bullying is a major disruption to the people being abused at the time. And I’m sure its not easy getting money when you’ve been abused by the police (or a priest or whom ever). Clearly this bully tactic works as organizations such as the police have┬ásustained┬átheir existence and this behavior over time.

Graffiti makes for an interesting venue. One one hand it’s abuse to public property. On the other hand it makes its statement to its audience in it’s context.

To be frank, I think this adds character to the L’Esplanade Laurier towers. Art is cool. It makes you think.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Graffiti constructive?

  1. Grafitti has its place and historically has always played a role in social change. A lot of what we now know about Roman society comes from ancient grafitti. That said, most grafitti I see has no message other than “look at me”. It is a shame. Btw I generally like cops but they have really tough jobs. Can you imagine having to deal with the crap they deal with everyday? I’d last about a day.

    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks for the note.

      Yeah, I can see how grafitti can be very important. I also see that a lot of it is just noise and garbage vanity. But even junk vanity has a message. Kids don’t have it hard enough. They don’t have enough to do.

      On the cop thing, I think their job sucks (same for bus drivers, school teachers, priests and so forth) but there needs to be good measures so they can’t abuse their power.

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