Laser Fixed!

I managed to get the parts in hand and get them installed into the Epilogue Zing 24. It was pretty easy. I took about 20 or 25m. I did a test run by making parts for the recent drawbot shipment that got damaged.

When I had it apart I noticed some of the cool design choices. Like the positioning of the laser tube (which is metallic instead of glass). It’s on the left lower side facing forward. There is a mirror directing the beam towards the room through a shielded area, then another mirror sending it back towards the wall down the gantry path. Some details in the pictures below.

Also, the belt installation was pretty easy. The tensioner is bolted down and is spring loaded. So the belt installation method is very easy.

  • Lower the cutting table all the way down.
  • Disable X-Y controller, move gantry to the front with the truck near the middle.
  • Unplug machine.
  • Remove left cover (4 philips, one is in the back). You can leave the back screw in, just loosen it.
  • Unscrew two panel screws on right cover. Slide out panel (towards the right).
  • Remove right cover (5 philips, one is on the back).
  • Approach the lens carriage from the bottom with the screwdriver and unscrew the belt clamps (philips). Remove the old belt.
  • Feed two belt ends in from the right, teeth inward over the stepper motor and fanged guide.
  • Install the lower belt end onto the clamp on the right side of the lens truck. Tighten the two screws.
  • Route the top belt end down the gantry inside the cage and over the left belt guide/tensioner and back into the machine towards the truck.
  • Loosen the two bolts holding down the tensioner. Compress it inward (towards the left) and re-tighten the bolts) so the tensioner is compressed.
  • Bring the belt up to the truck and snip off any extra. It should enter the clamp fully and almost be tight. Tighten the two clamp screws.
  • Loosen the tensioner bolts on the left tensioner. This will release the spring and get the belt into the right tension.
  • Apply a bit of pressure so that the belt is pulled just a bit more than the spring tension and tighten the tensioner bolts again.
  • You’re done, replace the side covers and control panel.

Get busy.