Open house for Ottawa Hacker Community

The open house last Wednesday was pretty fun. Many new faces and many regulars. It was pretty full. We need a bigger space. ­čÖé

I did a WordPress meetup just before (about 5 people came for that). The idea was that the artists/wordpressers could stay for ModLab. That part worked out perfectly. But the the ModLab interfered with the wordpress thing ┬ásince people come early so I may not try that angle. Perhaps I’ll do the WordPress in a different venue in the same timeslot and then who ever wants to come over to ModLab can.

Quite a bit going on. Andrew Plumb brought his new Makerbot. It’s the new one with dual heads and a larger build area. He made a model airplane wing by printing PLA directly onto tissue. I think this is an important development.

Michael had his DIY Metal Detector that we used in the afternoon.

Jim had some cool LEDs. I’ll have to ask him for the links so I can get some at Hobby King.