Squirrel and Cardboard

I made a “briefcase squirrel” a while back. It worked pretty well but I figured the box had to be made of tougher plastics. The one I made worked well and was made of basswood and plastics.

More recently I figured out that cardboard works. When cardboard is glued it can be made into fairly rigid structures. I used to have a certain intuition about cardboard boxes but it was based on boxes that were taped together and not glued. Glue changes everything.

So I’m back to carrying Squirrels around in my briefcase with my computer and hopefully I get to do some more urban geurilla flying. Also this new cardboard system is based on reused cardboard and I can scale it out better with my CNC laser printer. I will work on the box design as I gain more experience with this mechanism.

It may help solve some issues with kids who are prone to break the planes. Or kids who bring them home from my programs and they get eaten by dogs, cats, siblings, parents and other troublemakers. ūüôā

I’m going to be a little more active on the model airplane front as I want to¬†commercialize¬†some of the other designs I’ve been working on including Dayton,¬†Iqaluit and a new design I started just a few days ago Voodoo¬†(which will compete with models such as the Sorcerer).

If you want to get your hands on one of these briefcase Squirrels send me an email. I will be doing some meet-ups to work on these and related projects.