Busy Body

I’m not made many posts lately as I’ve been up to my eyeballs in model planes.

That business is generally pretty easy but I’ve seen some higher volumes. I had a shortage of the little elastics for the wing hold-down which started a backlog to make things worse.┬áPlus I am now using a “flat box” for small orders which is still in development so it’s a bit more time consuming. Had a visit from my cousin Jerry, a 3y birthday (including time for procurement of gift), did a presentation on WordPress (a whole evening gone), a power outage (see transformer) which toasted some time, plus I’ve got balsa from a different wood supplier which is jamming up one of my machines and producing a lot of waste and lost time. Some assorted bbq and socials to blast away more of my schedule.

To make it worse I’m low on propellers and my main supplier has just revised their lead time to 4 months. So I’ve been studying that problem. That toasted another 15-20h.

So it’s been just a little tough getting everything done that I want.

But I’m finally surfacing!