Cause of fire discovered

Friends will recall I had a fire in the laser at ArtEngine a while back.

Today I figured it out.

I had some flaming on the right side of a piece that I was cutting so I decided to investigate and notice that the right side of the cutting table was lower than the left (previously I wrote it off to material variance). I noticed this a while back but thought it was complicated to fix and hadn’t realized how much it was linked with flaming.

Today I measured that the right side was a couple mm lower that the left and decided to fix it.

I prepared a shim to stick under the right side of the table. It didn’t work so I decided to lift the tray out to see what’s underneath  (This is the second time I lifted the tray, the first was the repair after the fire).

After pulling the tray I discovered what’s up.

If you eyeball the pictures below you can imagine that the little fragment probably made it’s way near the table leg and then fell into the leg guide when the table was removed.

So there’s a new thing to look out for. Before replacing the tray, make sure the areas where the legs of the tray come down are clear.

After removing this fragment and refocusing the laser, the flaming went away.