DIY Cardboard iPhone Case

I made an iPhone case based on the other ones I found on the internet. Here is theĀ source file if you want to make one.

Next time I will add engraving like on this phone I made.

It’s actually pretty rough and still has a few issues which I will fix the next time I’m making one.

-The camera hole is to high. I fixed that in the current file. I hope I moved it down enough.

-The tab that closes the cover and tucks in near the charge jack at the bottom is too long and it interferes. In the pictures below I manually trimmed it. I will fix that in the next revision.

-It needs a dab of glue to hold together. I want to make it latch closed somehow.

-The prototype I made below was with thicker cardboard as I ran out of the thin one. Next time I get the right cardboard I’ll do this again.