I’ve had this idea that a flying wing could be constructed for beginners. Lots of wing area, low parts count and simple assembly.

I cooked this prototype up out of ideas that have been floating around my head for months. I am pleased to say that it seems to have all the elements necessary for stable flight. I did not use reflex which is apparently needed for flying wing designs. I theorized that I could prop the front of the wing up instead. I raised the first 2.5″ of the wing up by 1/8th”. This seemed to work perfectly.

It flew great. Donna (shown) agreed that it would be cool to use this as a banner.

I shared this design with Micheal and explained that it could be the first flying wing without reflex. I said I had deflected the front of the wing instead and that there may not be a name for this yet in aerodynamic jargon. He immediately barked out “preflex”. There you have it. It’s preflex.

I decided to use “Voice” as the working name for the project. Not very pretty at first glance. Or aviation related. But I can’t remove the idea that the large surface area is a place for a message. A flying banner. More experiments to come, will report.