Makerfaire in Montreal!

I just learned through my friend Mordechai that there will be a Makerfaire in Montreal this year!!!


I’ve not seen the call for makers yet and will try and get in.


Another 3d Printer

I am falling behind on my propeller project so I got a Repman. This messes up my propeller budget a bit but I anticipated needing two machines eventually since I want to make lots of prototypes.  I think when I’m in the lab today I will try and run the cupcake to make some propeller hubs. Oops, I just found out someone booked the lab for a meeting at 3-7. That toasts my plans, I should have checked the schedule. I will head to another location for working.

Model plane design

I did more work on the “Voice” project which is a flying banner. I did a few experiments and made some progress.

It’s actually easy to change the banner. There are just two points of attachment. The wing trailing edge and a horizontal beam at the back of the motor stick. I try to make sure there is tension between the two points of attachment and I used craft glue to add the banner.

One of the challenges I’m facing is the wing attachment. The wing is glued. So it becomes difficult to change the center of gravity of the airplane as I try different experiments (you can’t move the wing to balance the airplane). I can cut the motor stick to move the propeller back. So this sucks a bit for prototyping. It might be okay for the final model.

I tried three different banner configurations.

  • Full banner
  • Full banner but split into strips
  • Two small long banners

Everything is still inconclusive but with the full banner I had some pitch stability issues. I cut the banner and it stayed the same. I then theorized that I was nose heavy so I trimmed the motor stick to move the propeller back. Presto! Very stable flight. I added the banner back on and got some accelerated phugoid behavior. I think there is something interesting going on with airflow as I can alleviate the problem by splitting the banner.

After I finish with pitch stability I will try to remove the rear vertical stabilizer. It’s on the bottom. I have the sneaking suspicion that it may not be needed on this airplane. I’ve not tried a top stabilizer yet.

“Voice” is a little dry as a name for a model airplane but that’s been the working name since it can deliver a message through its banner.

I may use the name Tweet once I finish the design. Or if I come up with two configurations I like I’ll use both names or something.

The effect of sku

Sometimes we make things up ad libitum. Sometimes we learn things at sku.

Baby before danceSku:

Baby attends dancesku:

Baby after danceSku (with her new song):

Salmon the Eye

Can somebody tell me the words to this song so I can make captions?

Baby after artSku (you may want to fast forward to 45s):

I’m looking for the words to this song too.

Crating of 3d printer progress

Brett has done most of the work for the crating.

It looks pretty good. It has to withstand being transferred fro bus to bus a few times and also about 48h of vibration.

I poked around the rideshare community and found someone travelling across Canada with space for the machine. I am not sure if the extra risk of dealing with an unknown person is worth it.

The bus want’s about 150. Fedex 250. Rideshare 75.

3D printer has been picked up and is ready for crating

My brother picked up the machine I bought. We are now discussing how to crate it up and ship it to Ottawa.

Anybody have any suggestions on how to crate it up?

Model Planes

My model plane project has been one of the most interesting projects of my entire career. It’s simple but I get to learn about a lot of different things and make a lot of new friends around the world.

Here are a couple of my competitors. Its very interesting to see the different mechanisms of shipping and handling and packaging.

I received one kit in the mail in a box and I used the same box to ship about 12 or 14 Squirrels.

I like the Denny Dart packaging. Very oldsku using brown paper tubes with folding. I’ll review these kits over the next while.

3D Printer Aquisition

The past couple of days I spent some time procuring a 3d printer as part of my propeller project.

I already have an extruder head from MakerGear and this 3mm plastic (below). I spent some time on it and I’m sure it needs another couple of days of work. I will finish that project but I need something that’s a little quicker.

Today I bought a two head machine made by BitsFromBytes. This should get the wheels turning on that project. Might be generally useful too.

This thing can be loaded with two colors so you can make crazy colored things. Plus you can load one head with support material and the other with your build material to make stuff.

If all goes well I should have it in hand in about 4 days.

This should be interesting.