28th Dec 2010
How much fuel do you waste?

How much fuel do you waste?

Picture this: Bartender pouring you a beer but he’s so clumsy that about 1/4 of the beer spills out onto the floor and the bar. He serves you the beer...

27th Dec 2010
Energy Storage

Energy Storage

I recently started reading Steve Aplin‘s blog on energy and electricity and such. One thing that is really lacking (in my opinion) from the current energy solutions is large scale...

28th Nov 2010
Yummy onions!

Urban composting

If this kids gets it, shouldn’t we? Every time I throw egg shells or vegetable scraps in the garbage I know I’m throwing away good calories. I want to convert...

27th Nov 2010

My affair with cardboard

The model airplane project has really brought me closer to cardboard. For a start, my supplies come in cardboard boxes (for the most part). Here is a 2′ and 3′...