11th May 2012

Flat box success

Flat Box V2 has arrived with two Squirrel Model Airplanes enclosed at a destination in Ontario and as you can see here is in excellent shape after that short run....

04th May 2012

Flat box V2

I made up another flat box to give it a try. This came out to 228g and 36 x 22 x 2 cm. I wanted to send it to Sweden....

23rd Apr 2012

No bend envelope test

Okay today I actually put an order (of Squirrel model airplanes) into the no-bend-envelopeĀ I made the other day. It will go in the mail tomorrow. I glued paper across the...

11th Apr 2012

No-bend envelope

I’m looking at ways of slashing shipping cost of Squirrel and other model airplanes. I managed to come up with this prototype that can hold 2 Squirrels which is within...

29th Mar 2012


I got assorted fuses (to save trips). I’m going to add fuses to stuff like the dremel that’s connected to my small CNC mill. I’ve been letting the mill run...

01st Mar 2012

Can’t believe how rough couriers can be

I’m totally amazed how these monkeys can keep a business running. I packed this thing with great care. There was even a separate wall with foam between the two walls....

07th Feb 2012

Saving time

Trips to the store take a lot of time. I try and keep enough projects on the go so that if I get stuck because of parts, I can order...

04th Feb 2012

Box refinements

I spent the afternoon working on boxes. As you can see the boxes I make re-use cardboard from many sources. The cardboard goes into the box-o-matic (CNC) with the label...

30th Jan 2012


Just got some acrylic! Check this out. I got clear, red, green and yellow (all translucent). Blog this! Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on FriendFeed Share on Linkedin...

26th Jan 2012

Ikea fail

Make sure when you buy containers at Ikea you buy the matching lids. I managed to get my drawbot project into two containers but as you can see the lids...

24th Jan 2012


Since I reorganized my lab things are much more efficient. Here’s what the Squirrel boxing operation looks like now. The box templates are stuffed between the shelf and the wall,...

23rd Jan 2012

LR44 batteries

Anywhere to buy these in bulk? I seem to always be looking for them. Update: I ordered a couple hundred from China. Anybody need any? Blog this! Digg this post...

22nd Jan 2012

New workshop config

I’m back at my regular grind after playing around with the laser stuff for a few days. The new configuration has a smaller work bench (which I will remedy) but...

20th Jan 2012


Okay, I took the crate into smaller pieces for disposal. Any takers for removal? Should burn, it’s really light… I cut the edges with a hand saw and then snapped...

20th Jan 2012

Wood Art!

Michael told me to expect unusual plywood in the packaging of the laser. He is right! It’s very light and obviously labor intensive to make. I think some of this...

20th Jan 2012

Another day of logistics

Today is another day of logistics for the laser. Here’s a shot of the laser stuff from across the warehouse. Blog this! Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on...