18th Apr 2011


Not sure if any viewers have been to old Fridays on Elgin (Ottawa, Ontario). If not, this is what you’ve been missing: Blog this! Digg this post Recommend on Facebook...

04th Apr 2011

Printed Circuit Art

This looks like something interesting to put on your wall. I think it would go well with the generator concept on my “Electric Rooster” kinetic art. I will look into...

20th Feb 2011

Bike Generator

I’m doing experiments with human power. Here is the mounting plate design to connect a generator to my friend’s bike. I’ve test fitted the part on the generator and here...

18th Feb 2011
timing pulley

Machining an XL timing pulley

I made my first attempt at machining an XL pulley this morning. I decided that a 6 inch circumference would have 60 groves since an XL timing belt is 5...

14th Feb 2011

Mounting generator on bike

Okay, here’s what the output of the pedal system looks like. I think it will be easy to make a direct drive system. I suppose making a plate with holes...

13th Feb 2011

Kinetic Icicle Art or Nature?

I was in Upstate New York. This grabbed my attention for some reason. Sometimes coincidence feels like art. We want to think there is design in everything but randomness can...

13th Feb 2011

Generators Arrived!

I finally received four generators. These are 24V, 350W DC motors from a go-kart/scooter application. I figure they will make nice generators for human power. They came with nice motor...

10th Feb 2011
Rube Goldberg

Rube Goldberg

Here is the Rube Goldberg machine that uses paper products: Blog this! Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on FriendFeed Share on Linkedin Share via MySpace Share on Orkut...

06th Feb 2011
timing pulleys

timing pulleys

I was just looking at making timing pulleys. Obviously these are made with an A-Axis added to a mill. I think I can make some simple ones with an ordinary...

05th Feb 2011

Mounting a generator on a pedal bike

Looks like my friend Sanjay will be the first guinea pig for generating electricity from human power. He has an exercise bike which looks great for getting some testing in on some...

24th Jan 2011
Stability using a simple system

Stability using a simple system

This is a great video I saw on the Ottawa Robotics listserv. I think it is a great circuit for a piece of artwork that may require an element of...

23rd Dec 2010
A better Christmas tree

A better Christmas tree

I saw this cool kinetic sculpture which is in the BMW museum. I thought that if those balls were Christmas decorations and they were arranged to all hang from a...

20th Nov 2010

Electric Rooster, Kinetic Sculpture

I made a kinetic sculpture called “Electric Rooster”. I installed it at Atomic Rooster Pub in September. It sold and has apparently changed hands one more time since then. The...