CNC Mill made from Polyethylene

polyethylene plastic mill

I spent some time getting the electrical going for the Polyethylene mill.

The electrical is a Nema 23, 3-Axis.

I wired it up with some nice long wires so I can add the drag chains later. I decided to just run it for a while before installing the drag chains.

I just used a dremel as a spinle motor. Not perfect but when you think of it, it’s great value overall.

It runs nice.

Arduino 3 Axis Shield


Just came across an Arduino 3 Axis Shield.

This looks pretty promising. I think I will get one. I’ll fish around and see how easy it is to get one.

10m Later: Okay, I poked around a bit. It’s not at Roboshop yet. I clicked around all the links for a bit and having happened across a place to buy one yet. I’ll try again later when I have a bit more time.

Another 5m: I just got a note from Contraptor that it is available.

Few more minutes: I’m ordering but the Web site is jamming. I’ll give it a few minutes then I’ll have to put this in my todo list.

3 Axis Nema 17 Electrical for CNC projects


I just received (minutes ago) the electrical parts for the Marauder and other CNC projects! Wohoo!

I bought the power supplies separately.

I’ll be testing this stuff out over the next short while!

I need to order some bearings for the Marauder project!