When using an A-Axis I was thinking that I could mount the work piece in two ways. I could have a chuck at one end and a flat plate at the other.

The flat plate would allow me to bolt stuff to it. I guess if it has the right hole pattern it should be easy to make pulleys. I could cut the bore and rough the outside using a 2.5D method. I could add the mounting holes that match the mounting plate on the A-Axis and then finish the pulley or gear on the A-Axis.

I could also mount odd sized pieces with the plate.

I suppose this plate could be made of 1/2″ thick aluminum? I could drill and tap the hole to match the threaded rod that I’m using as the main shaft of my A-Axis assembly.

Does anybody have a 1/2-20 tap?

Closer look at my Xylotex controller box


Here is a close up of my Xylotex controller.

It’s 4 axis and has a rudimentary spindle control. As you can see, the 4th axis is not used yet. I am making a 4th axis for it. I have nearly enough parts and materials so that should be getting started soon.

I didn’t think it out very well but at least it was inexpensive and not a lot of work. When it comes time to remove the power supply, I’ll be cutting the box. Also, I had to drill holes in the side to get to the power supply terminals. How embarrassing. 🙂

4th axis


I think it’s worth having a 4th axis. I could use it for my CNC mill and also for adhoc jobs on the laser cutter.

I checked ebay and those things are really expensive.

Here’s one that uses a worm drive (another). That looks easy to make. A belt drive would be cool too.

I figure I can buy a chuck like the one at the right. The problem is that I don’t understand the shaft. I think that’s tapered.

This looks affordable so I think it’s a matter of finding one with a straight shaft so I can put it on some bearings and then add a timing belt.

Of course once I get it working there will the the challenge of the software side of things. These guys are using some inexpensive software for cutting pulleys.

Here’s a great idea I got from Guy from Ottawa Robotics:

I now have a small chuck on order, will report back when I get it.