Getting a little further

I now have a better quality raster.

I still don’t have the shades coming in as you can see in these pictures I took a few moments ago.

I made a software configuration change and will run it again shortly.

Hostpital Art

I was doing a delivery at the hospital the other day and I saw these paintings.

I actually recognized them since I had previously seen them in a small gallery at Chelsea, QC.

The Ottawa Art Gallery

Arts Court

I am now volunteering at the Ottawa Art Gallery. It’s at ArtsCourt which is at 2 Daly Avenue in Ottawa. This sort of volunteering is really fun and I will likely learn more about local artists and art appreciators.

There is lots to see in the building.

I’m also a member of ArtEngine which is in the same building in room M70. You can come and check it out at their open house called ModLab a couple of Wednesdays per month.

The ArtEngine group tends more towards technical things and the Ottawa Art Gallery is more about painting.


Check out this 3D imagery. Pretty well done.

My image below isn’t animated because my water marker munched the image. But click through and you’ll see some nice stuff.


My batch of small rocks is being transferred to the third stage of tumbling.

My batch of medium rocks just finished the first stage of tumbling. What I decided to do for the medium rocks is do stage 1 for more rocks (reusing the grit).

Here you can see some medium rocks that are not tumbled and some that have been through onc.

Wood that works

My friend Ian invited me to an art social last night. We chatted bit and found out we had a bit of a common interest in kinetic sculpture.

He showed me the Web site.


I wonder if there’s a useful way of making a drawbot that can use different colors of chalk. I was watching a server make this picture with chalk the other day.

I think she was having fun but I wonder if a machine could be made for doing this?


New Show at Atomic Rooster

I was in there briefly yesterday and notice the new pieces.

They change the art about once per month.

It’s always fun to see different local artists.

Printed Circuit Art


This looks like something interesting to put on your wall.

I think it would go well with the generator concept on my “Electric Rooster” kinetic art.

I will look into this.