ModLab, Wednesday night

Last nights ModLab was great.

Mark Stephenson took over one of my drawbots. He had to learn to solder and learn how to run an arduino.

There were lots of other projects on the go as you can see by the pictures and video.

The Ottawa Art Gallery

Arts Court

I am now volunteering at the Ottawa Art Gallery. It’s at ArtsCourt which is at 2 Daly Avenue in Ottawa. This sort of volunteering is really fun and I will likely learn more about local artists and art appreciators.

There is lots to see in the building.

I’m also a member of ArtEngine which is in the same building in room M70. You can come and check it out at their open house called ModLab a couple of Wednesdays per month.

The ArtEngine group tends more towards technical things and the Ottawa Art Gallery is more about painting.

Art at Artscourt

I was at Artscourt last week and I happened to be there during the day (vs. the evening when I’m usually there).

That have a really neat gallery there right by the main entrance.

It’s really worth going to check out.