artSku at the Lab

artSku included ice cream, jewelry, paper planes and bubbles.

I found some Open Workshop posters in the recycle and made some paper planes. I guess it’s the new “Open Workshop Plane”.


Development of hobbies

Baby Erica seems to be developing some ongoing hobbies.

Organizing shoes, playing with her toys and of course, making things! (Not to mention singing and dancing seen in other posts).  She’s getting good at painting and gluing cardboard parts together to make objects and animals.


The effect of sku

Sometimes we make things up ad libitum. Sometimes we learn things at sku.

Baby before danceSku:

Baby attends dancesku:

Baby after danceSku (with her new song):

Salmon the Eye

Can somebody tell me the words to this song so I can make captions?

Baby after artSku (you may want to fast forward to 45s):

I’m looking for the words to this song too.


Yesterday was artSku with “PapaDarcy”.

We made a fruit plate. I figure we should make the foods she should eat plus last time at artSku we made some elephants and she used them as serving trays.

I wonder what she will use these for.

We also made an iPhone. I told her a few days ago I’d make her a phone and she was very excited. The iPhone turned out very nice.

She made up a song as well. I believe it’s titled “mai…………….. mai…………….. mai…………………….”.

We also did bubbles. I figure that’s always a good way to wrap up artSku. She runs around like crazy and that knocks her out for an afternoon nap.


DIY iPhone

I wanted an iPhone but they’re too expensive so I decided to make one myself.

It worked out very well so I may make another.

Step 1: Download this cutout. Here’s a Corel Draw version.

Step 2: Print it and cut it out or use a laser cutter to cut it out.

Step 3: Glue together.

Step 4: Test the camera and other functionality. I’ve you’ve done everything right it should all work.

Step 5: Verify that the stand works. This is handy for watching movies and youtube and so forth.

Step 6: Finishing touch.

Step 7: Stay in touch with friends and take pictures.


I think kids need to make things as part of their ongoing development.

I personally like things that have some function. I went to Michaels (the land of pipe cleaners and googly eyes) and got a few things. I wanted to introduce glue. I didn’t really have a good project in mind so in a last minute scramble I made some boxes out of carboard and hardboard (that would need gluing) and two cardboard elephants. In my mind I was still trying to think of something that had more use (or at least moving parts).

We glued and painted and I kept thinking.

In the end, the stuff we were making does have a good use. My mind simply wasn’t open enough (see below).

Serving trays!

Serving trays!