Glut Rooster Black Egg

Okay, I finally have a picture of the Glut Rooster with the new egg and everything working. Apparently there are already three inquiries for it.

The bell seems to work well.

I learned a lot about usability with the Electric Rooster project. Also, I chose a much more reliable system.

I’ve seen it in action once so far. People seem to know what do do.

The little bell ringing makes them do it again and then share the experience with the next person.

Very fascinating.


Rooster Installation

Alison installed the rooster. The mechanical is much simpler on this one so I’m betting it will be pretty reliable.

The bell isn’t working at the moment since I’ve not done the initial setup yet. I’ll do that later today or tomorrow.


Glut Rooster

Glut Rooster is on-site. It will soon be installed. I guess I’ll go do a follow.

This is a joint effort between Mark Stephenson and myself.

Rooter mechanical

I spent some time on the Glut project today.

It was a bit fruitful but a bit fail.

I got the mechanics balanced and have a good geometry for the actuation but I didn’t have the right bolts (Ottawa Fastener was low on 1/2-40 nylon). So I might have to do some redesign around the supplies I have.

Seems I’m using nylon bolts a lot these days. I’ve always had an inventory of them (perhaps 20 bucks) but I think it’s time to start keeping like 50 bucks on hand.

I decided to put it down and move onto something else. I need a think cycle for that project.

Alice my contact for this project is on my ass so I better get busy in the morning.

My friend Mark is making another rooster. I’m doing all the mechanical for it. I’ll bring a box of parts from the “Squirrel Lab” to make sure I can get it running tomorrow. ArtEngine is new and still doesn’t have a critical mass of these sort of parts…

Glut Rooster

A bit of progress. There are two versions of Glut in the making. It might not be ready for this year’s show but we’ll see.

Atomic Rooster “Cock Show”

Atomic Rooster is accepting art for their show (due before November 19th).

This is a fun opportunity to come up with something interesting.

I’d love to find a couple of people to do this together with.

Last year I submitted Electric Rooster. It was made entirely of scrap and parts from broken printers that were up for disposal.

I’ve got loads of ideas for this year!

Participate in this years’ Cock Show!
Submit your paintings, sketches, drawings, etc. of roosters.
*Works must be ready with proper hanging ware
All works will be for sale, incluce contact info and prices on works submitted.

Atomic Roster
303 Bank

New Show at Atomic Rooster

I was in there briefly yesterday and notice the new pieces.

They change the art about once per month.

It’s always fun to see different local artists.

Art at Atomic


I went to Atomic for a brief meeting on Thursday. It was really noisy and crowded because some people were painting.

I did my meeting in the neighborhood but came back later to see what was going on.

They often have a DJ in the evenings which is typical. It was fun to see some kids making some paintings.

Atomic Wedding

I was in Atomic Rooster the other day with my friend Steve (for some software analysis).

We have embarked on a cool project to render numbers from real-time electricity production statistics into a form that a lay person can understand. We had a great meeting for a couple of hours.

But there was a small break. 🙂 It’s amazing what you can walk into.

To my surprise the venue was hosting a wedding. I really enjoyed seeing a wedding!