A bicycle built for two

When was a kid I was pretty active at making things. I just stumbled across this picture of my friend Bernard Oree and myself with this “Double-bike” we made.

I recall that his dad didn’t want us to use using his bike. But we did it anyways.

Those were the days. 🙂

Propeller driven bicycle


This is a neat bike.

MIT student Damon Vander Lind wheels his human-powered, propeller-driven 300-rpm tricycle out for a test drive.

Generators Arrived!


I finally received four generators. These are 24V, 350W DC motors from a go-kart/scooter application. I figure they will make nice generators for human power.

They came with nice motor mounts built in. There is a little sprocket on each shaft. I will either put a roller there to mate with a bicycle wheel or I will get the matching chain and sprocket (or try both).

Mounting a generator on a pedal bike


Looks like my friend Sanjay will be the first guinea pig for generating electricity from human power.

He has an exercise bike which looks great for getting some testing in on some generators.

I should have a generator in hand today if all goes as planed.

I will take a look at mounting something on the bike.

I guess we need some nice loads for the first tests.

Anybody have anything that will run on 12-24vDC or there abouts?

Any suggestions?

I’m betting we will get 12v or better since the first generator I am getting is a 24VDC motor from a go-kart application.