Cool large cabinet

Here’s a really nice cabinet I have.

If you have a load of electrical stuff for a project this is ideal.

It’s on nice coasters.

It’s huge!

At the rate things are going, I may not need this thing for quite some time so I’m prepared to part with it.

First CNC Cabinet installed


Okay, I got all the parts installed into the cabinet.

It sits nicely either flat or on it’s edge. When on it’s edge the fan is blowing upwards so it will work with convection.

It’s 12×11″ deep so it will also stack with my other cabinets.

It makes a big difference as the electronics wont short as easy and now I can move it around better.

The one thing I forgot is to make holes for air intake. I guess when I make the cover I’ll have to put some vents in it. Perhaps right above the power supply, so the air comes in there, goes through the power supply, then over the heat sinks on the controller, then out the fan port.

CNC Cabinet gluing

cnc project box

Okay, I’ve cut the parts out on my mill and am now gluing them together. Next I’ll add the components to the box, then make a top for it (problably out of acrylic).

It will be a lot easier to make the next one. I have two identical CNC controller so I can reuse the design and just cut parts.

The hardboard is just a couple of dollars per sheet so this is very economical. Not very pretty though.

I guess later if I want it to look better, I can cut the same parts out of some other material. I’ll run the cabinet for a while before making another though.

Making cabinets for CNC controllers


I’m just working on some cabinets for my various CNC controllers.

I decided to go with “hard board” since it’s cheap. Perhaps an acrylic top so you can see inside.

I put down a square piece of wood so I could think about where each component should go inside the cabinet. I then measured component mounts from the edges. I transfered these measurements to sketchup and I now have a draft that I’m about to cut out on a mill.

I’ve got holes for rubber feet, fan mount, stepper controller board, power supply, power cord exit, stepper wire exit, parallel exit. What else could I be missing?