Ordering cards online


I ordered cards online for the first time.

They have an excellent product which what they claim but card came out not centered.

The margins are not right.

I sent a note to indicate this:

The cards are very nice except the content came out off center a bit. I attached a quick snap shop I took this morning….

The reply was:

It seems to be off centered in the proof that we received? Also please understand that these cards are printed on a large sheet then cut so it is impossible to have the cuts to be 100% exact as stated in our terms of purchase. But the main issue looks to be that way in the artwork that we received.


Kustom Printz
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Email: Jon@KustomPrintz.com
Website: www.KustomPrintz.com

Do you see a difference between the proof and my card.

I sure do. The margin at the bottom isn’t adequate.