Salsa danced on 1 or On2

Around these parts Salsa is mostly danced on “one”. In a nutshell that means that the leader steps forward on the count of one (with left foot). Actually, in most cities this is the convention. In New York, Puerto Rico and a few other places it is common to dance on “two”. One would imagine that means to break forward on two for the leader but it isn’t. Breaking forward on 2 is called Mambo, Power Two or Palladium (Salsa originated in the NY Palladium).

On2 actually means that the leader brakes BACK on two (with right foot). That’s actually how Salsa was originally danced in New York because of the strong ballroom influence (cha cha, rumba, bolero and such is danced on two for instance).

The experience of dancing on one or two is surprisingly different. This video is the best I’ve come across that explains it.

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