Wiring a Nema 17 Controller

I have this Nema 17 controller and I’m just wiring it up now. It has some confusing documentation.

The wires are Red, Green, Black and Blue.

The motor diagram is labeled A, B, C and D.

The controller diagram is labeled A- A+ B- B+.

Anybody know what the standards are for labeling?

Shen Yun

shen yun

This is a great performance which is also a lesson in Chinese history! It’s a number of skits each representing an aspect or time of history.

There is a colorful screen and minimal props. It’s traditional Chinese dancing.

There is a blend of Western and Chinese instruments. A soprano and a couple of tenors. The last tenor was amazing.

The people interact with the projected screen. Often people would fly from the heavens on the screen. Just as they left the screen, the real people would appear at the vanishing point. Very well done effect. I really liked this effect. I’ve never seen it before but it makes you pay more attention to the screen which has a lot of symbolism and traditional scenes.

Screen grab...

I really liked the Plum Blossom scene.

Very entertaining.

Highly recommended.