Paper Planes in Ottawa

This there was a paper plane competition. Really more of a party or festival than a competition than a festival but there were contests for duration, distance and accuracy.

As you can see by the video below, there were people of all ages.  Thanks to Tony Gaitatzis and a group of volunteers the event went off without a hitch. I think this will be an annual event.

There were prizes and a small fee at the door.

One thing I really enjoyed about the contest is that young children compete on the same playing field as adults.

Highly recommended as a family activity!

Paper planes are pretty unpredictable unless you spend a lot of time mastering it so the randomness kept any demographic from ruling the contest.

As you can see by the video below I showed the children and other facilitators how to make my circle plane. They had a specific contest for the circle plane. You had to catch two of them on a stick to win.

Eric 40 Circle Plane!

Eric 40 Circle Plane

I had the very fine pleasure of attending Eric M’s 40th birthday! It was a great party with lots of people. One of the things I did during the party (aside from a mini Salsa demo) was to make the ERIC 40 paper plane.

You can print your Eric 40 Circle Plane and follow these instructions. They’re great for the office or any social function. 🙂

As you can see by the picture at the right, Eric is still learning how to launch the plane.

I made about 10 of them and at various times people were whipping them around. I may have video but I’m still going through the contents of my camera.

Circle Plane (Origami airplane)

As many of you may know the Squirrel model airplane project has been a great success but it’s still a model airplane which requires some skill. It has made model planes accessible to an even wider audience than with traditional model planes.

I am working on a project to start children even earlier with simple aviation.

Meet Circle Plane! I’ve been making this as long as I can remember and recently I am refining it for younger children.

Here is a glimpse of V1. You can download it at Circle Plane.

As you can see it’s a printable design. There is the Outer Message, Inner message and Secret message area. The planes can be pre-printed, printed for colouring/marking or printed as blanks for children to be creative (children as old as decades).

They are great flyers and I will be publishing some video on how to make the three folds (numbered 1-3 in the printed version). If I have not made a video by Wednesday, then I will attempt t make on at Ottawa Modlab this Wednesday.

Here’s a “beginner flying session” at the office today (Dec 20).