Closer look at my Xylotex controller box


Here is a close up of my Xylotex controller.

It’s 4 axis and has a rudimentary spindle control. As you can see, the 4th axis is not used yet. I am making a 4th axis for it. I have nearly enough parts and materials so that should be getting started soon.

I didn’t think it out very well but at least it was inexpensive and not a lot of work. When it comes time to remove the power supply, I’ll be cutting the box. Also, I had to drill holes in the side to get to the power supply terminals. How embarrassing. 🙂

Wiring a Nema 17 Controller

I have this Nema 17 controller and I’m just wiring it up now. It has some confusing documentation.

The wires are Red, Green, Black and Blue.

The motor diagram is labeled A, B, C and D.

The controller diagram is labeled A- A+ B- B+.

Anybody know what the standards are for labeling?

CNC cabinet

cnc computer

Hmmm, take a look at this example. They guy put all his cnc controller stuff into a computer cabinet. Why not include the computer so you have both the computer for controlling the machine and the controller parts all in one box. I might try that…

Well, lemme think about it for a while.

Any comments?

Control box layout

cnc controller

Just working out the layout of the control box for my Chinese mill.

In this case, I have a much smaller 4-axis controller but I also have the spindal controller.

I may stand the power supply up so it’s footprint is the same as my other control boxes. It will be much taller though because of this.

I wonder if this will affect cooling? The spindal controller will be fairly dissociated from the fan. Perhaps I should move the fan so it’s right behind the power supply.

Electrical for Marauder CNC (steppers, controllers, power supplies)


I think I found a pretty good solution for this one.

3 Nema17 Stepper Motor 68 oz-in+3 axis board CNC kit: 70.00+43.00 shipping China= 113.00

CNC STEPPER MOTOR POWER SUPPLY 24vdc 6.5 Amps: 27+10 shipping USA = 37.00

Total: 150.00