Fun Salsa Combo

Here’s a neat short combo. Something to try.

I’m not a huge fin of the Cuban style since it takes much more space. For example in this video you can see that the couple needs 4×4=16 tiles of space. New York or LA style would only need 2×4=8. That’s 1/2 the space. Seems like nothing but when the dance floor gets full I don’t think it’s fair to take twice as much space as everybody else.

Cuban vs. NY Style Salsa

I was thinking of either increasing my Salsa activities or adding another sport since my physical fitness is really terrible.

Salsa is very healthy and fun but it just isn’t enough exercise to make a difference.

I used to be in Cristobal’s Casino Rueda. Perhaps I should add that if he starts another group.

I’ve been in Oscars choreography group. That’s really awesome.

What to do next.

For those that aren’t familiar with Salsa, it is a Latin dance from New York City. It has a leader and a follower.

Casino is a form of Salsa where there is a caller. Dancers form a circle and pass the ladies around (the call for that is “Dame Uno!”).

New Dance floor — Caliente 110 York St., Ottawa

I hear that a new floor is being installed at Caliente tonight. The rumor I have is that it should be finished by the time the 10pm DJ starts. We all know construction projects are always on schedule. 🙂 I wonder if they’re making a bigger floor or just replacing the surface. The last I checked, the surface was okay so I’m hoping for more space. Dance space with good music is at such a premium in Ottawa.

I’m already booked for tonight but if I wasn’t I’d pop by Caliente and check out their new floor around 10:30pm. If they’re still stuck in construction, the obvious thing to do would be to go to Maxwells on Elgin. Johnny Vegas will be playing there live and the dance floor is big enough for the crowd levels (usually).