Keepon. Human Interaction

Here’s the Keepon robot which can dance.

I am interested in it because I’m working on projects that can react and interact with music (and people).

In a nutshell: Keepon has four degrees of freedom. Turning +/-180°. Nodding +/-40°. Side-to-side +/-25°. Bobbing up to 15mm.

Two awesome dance performances

Two very different but awesome performances.

Fred Astaire, Eleanor Powell and Mel Brooks.

There is more than one way to skin a cat.

Shen Yun

shen yun

This is a great performance which is also a lesson in Chinese history! It’s a number of skits each representing an aspect or time of history.

There is a colorful screen and minimal props. It’s traditional Chinese dancing.

There is a blend of Western and Chinese instruments. A soprano and a couple of tenors. The last tenor was amazing.

The people interact with the projected screen. Often people would fly from the heavens on the screen. Just as they left the screen, the real people would appear at the vanishing point. Very well done effect. I really liked this effect. I’ve never seen it before but it makes you pay more attention to the screen which has a lot of symbolism and traditional scenes.

Screen grab...

I really liked the Plum Blossom scene.

Very entertaining.

Highly recommended.

Holiday Inn and “Happy Holiday”

I’m just watching an awesome movie called Holiday Inn. It’s amazing how much partner dancing has changed. Also how much it has stayed the same!

Here are a couple of fragments of it!

“Easy to dance with”

“Be Careful, it’s my heart”. A lindified foxtrot. 🙂

“Happy Holiday” (For those that aren’t familiar with the movie, this is a drunk dance scene as you’ll see by how it ends. 🙂 Sorry it’s a remix version but it’s the best I found in youtube. :))

Ladies’ travelling turns (Salsa, cha cha etc…)

Here are the left and right ladies’ travelling turns. The way I did it here was to do a right travelling turn and then a left travelling turn right after. This would permit more practice repetition for a beginner with less dizziness.

A common error is to not have each step on the same line. The traveling turns are used to exchange position with the man so you need to step in a straight line. Many beginners try to twist their legs around to get more turn but that just sends her off heading.

If it’s too much, just do a Dile Que No in between instead of doing them continuously.

I’m doing this with the “ladies count”.

This just shows the footwork. There are other important elements such as “preparation” that are difficult to see here. There is also spotting which is to do head motion in bursts rather than span the room as you turn. Arms are also used to help with the turn but conservatively.

This is the footwork needed for a lot of steps such as Coca Cola. I’ll find some better examples but here are a couple of traveling turns.

If you live in Ottawa and you want to learn salsa, you can get lessons all around town. I highly recommend Oscar de Leon. Check out this site: Ottawa Salsa Lessons

Canadian National Robot Games News Flash

I just heard from Aaron who is an Ottawa Robotics member and is attending the conference in Toronto. Buttercup (his mini-sumo robot) was undefeated today!

It makes me happy to know that someone from my community is making an impression in another locale!

Here is Buttercup vs. Blaster Shark: