Sandy Noble’s Drawbot

I really like this drawbot.

It uses polar coordinates instead of cartesian. Seems people are calling this a polargraph.

Polargraph / slow drawing show preview from Sandy Noble on Vimeo.

Community Drawbot

I got to Modlab a few hours early to work on projects.

I’ve got the drawbot ready. A new modlabber is going to give it a go.

I’ll work on my other drawbot and whatever else comes to mind.

drawbot! yippie!

Drawbot Spools!

paper spools

I got some spooled paper for my drawbot project!

The idea is it can feed itself. Perhaps I should look at having the Y axis done through a stepper motor driving the spool? I’d either have to drive the paper directly or vary the speed based on the radius of the spool.

I suppose having the stepper drive the spool with a wheel pressing against the outer part of the spool itself solves the problem.

Then I’d only have to implement an X axis. Might be sufficiently simple to have a pen lifter or multiple pens then.

I have a paper cutter but it’s very short.

Any idea how to snip off 18 5/8″ of paper?

Wiring up Arduino Nano and Easy Driver

I’m just tinkering with hooking this up. I’m going to have two Easy Drivers connected to the Arduino.


Arduino Community Project

I just had this idea of making a couple of drawbots as a community project.

$2.00 worth of hardboard, a pair of steppers, an arduino and a stepper controller and you’re in for a lot of fun and learning.

I’ve floated an issue for this at ArtEngine/Modlab to see if there are any takers. If so, I’ll have more drawbots ready to be signed out and used at Modlab.

Few more drawbot pictures from modlab

Here are a few more pictures from last night.

I took some closeups of the pictures we made with the drawbot.

It was a lot of fun. It’s time to make some more serious programs to control the drawbot.

Ideas are welcome! I have lots of ideas too!

Drawbot stress test


I did the wiring, glued the spools onto the motors using a glue gun (loctite didn’t work) and made a pen holder.

Even before running it with the pen I let it run for about 4 hours to see if everything was okay. I noticed right away that the motors were getting pretty warm at 13.5V. So I ripped the 9V off my cordless phone. Seems to run nice and quiet with that. After 4 hours, no overheating.

I added the pen holder and a ball point so it wouldn’t mark everything up.

It turns out the ballpoint works great. Obviously that’s an anomaly.

I’ve had it going with the pen for about an hour now. No missed steps.