Dust Skirt for CNC

cnc dust collector

I just drew up a design that I think will work. It will be a box that has has a hole which will fit onto the spindle motor shoulder.

That’s the larger hole which will be on the top of the box. The top of the box also has another hold to attach the vacuum.

The floor of the box will have a hole for the spindle to exit.

The little circles are to make the tube to attach the vacuum.

I’ll cut this out of acrylic and then glue it all together.

I’m debating if I should go 1/8th or 1/4 thickness.


1h Later: Okay, I cut it out of a piece of 1/4 extruded acrylic.

It came out quite nice. The hole I cut for the top of the box fits my mill spindle perfectly.

I have Methylene Chloride which is great for gluing acrylic.

As you can see the little rings form a vacuum hose mount.

Because the surface of the acrylic is so smooth, you can’t even tell that the hose mount is several pieces.


After glue drying: Here is is installed.

It has a really good friction fit but I know that will become an issue since it will be taken off and on the machine every time a different endmill is mounted.

Also, I cut the lower hole too small so I will make another bottom plate. Actually, it’s tempting to just skirt the whole thing.

I can see that it will increase the chance of collision with clamps for holding material. If I break this one and need to make a new one, I will make it tapered so that the side with the vacuum hose is higher up.