Self Pics

I tried a self pic last night and of course it makes me look terrible because my arms are short (like a t-rex).

But this young lady named Sarah showed me a way of holding the camera upside down. It makes for better reach.

Worked well except a gentlemen came and grabbed the camera and took a few pictures for us.

Simple Percussion Instrument


My new tool box came on a skid. Strangely it was not a spruce skid or whatever the usually make skids from. It’s some really nice dense wood.

So I decided to make a musical instrument out of the wood from the skids.


Social tonight at Mercury Grove for software development social tomorrow. Teams will build software using locally made APIs.

The event is tomorrow at Shopify from 9-5. There are prizes for the development teams.

I donated money and Squirrel Model Airplanes.

Check out the eggsecutives of Shopify here:

Making Software

I think I will attend HackOTT. I think it will be fun to hang out with some of my old software friends (and some new ones).

I have a collection of software projects that are underway but with my manufacturing projects they’re not getting much service. 🙂 Perhaps this will prime it a bit.

WordPress Lab (you’re invited!)

I am helping a couple of my friends with their WordPress blogs and I realize that knowing how to maintain a blog might be of general interest to the community.

I propose that we have a regular meetup. Perhaps every 2-3 weeks. At the meeting we will not just talk about wordpress but we will encourage that we bring our laptops and work on our real wordpress issues. Let’s not just talk about WordPress, let’s “get busy”.

Anybody who’s interested please let me know! As soon as I have two people I will start the meetup.