Acrylic colors

I’ve been experimenting with making toy necklaces out of acrylic scraps. I started paying attention to jewelry more and noticed the piece below that looks like it’s made from 1/16″ acrylic.

I went to Canus Plastics Web site hoping to see what colors they have (or at least a pointer to their suppliers so I can see what they get). They don’t have anything up.

I just sent them a note to find out what colors they can get.

Bracelet progress

ArtSku with PapaDarcy was fun today. We did SquigglyGraph (my rendition of spirograph), water color painting and some beads (made on the laser from cast acrylic).



Okay, it’s a bracelet made from Lwarf.

I decided to start adding little holes in the small pieces that drop out when making parts on the laser cutter. Then they can be strung up to make a lwarf-let. Yippie! Less waste!

I added some funny loops and stuff that were in my spare parts bin plus made a few parts and we’re off to the races.

Toy jewelry.

For safety on the necklace (since it has strong fishing wire from my drawing robot project), I made the clasp out of two small button beads and I just tie them up with a rubber band. This will give. Might get in her hair.

Wait, a hair elastic!!! That’s the ticket!

Also, for the bracelet, I have a button bead at each end. I pull the cord out trough one of the buttons and the threaded the other button through the cord and pulled tight seems to work great.

Drilling in small stones

I’m just researching this and am coming up with drill bits that look like this.

They’re called stuff like “diamond drill bit” or “jewelry drill bit”.

I found this blog on how to make holes. They are showing a hollow “core bit”. That looks interesting.

I found some in ebay and have them on order now.

I will give them a try. I’ll drill under water for cooling. I guess I’ll make a little stone holder out of wood and then place stones in it then submerge and drill.