Scalable Wearables

I was thinking of a wearable stationary POF.

An arduino is cool if you just want one or two. Especially the Lilypad. For instance, the wearable inbox project uses lilypad. They have a power supply that can run on one AAA battery. Also this beginners kit has a Lithium Polymer battery. That gets power out of the way.

Then there are other things such as wearable thread and wearable LEDs. You can actually get right into the game for just $75.

This was great when we are prototyping or making a one-of educational project. But what if we want to make a larger number of them like 50 or more?

Then what?

Intuitively I know my launchpad might be an answer. If I’m understanding it’s supposed to be used to program a chip which you then add to your own project. The system provides debugging and stuff. I’ll have to take a look at that.

Others are already making little badge type stuff that’s almost wearable.

This stuff isn’t so wearable since the power supplies have not been worked out for that. They probably are quite prickly too.

But they’re using pics I think and their component lists look sorta long:

Component	Description	Part #
R1 - R8 (order 1 pack)	PK 100 270R 0.25W CF RESISTOR (RC)	62-0356
R9,R10 (order 1 pack)	PACK 100 10K 0.25W CF RESISTOR (RC)	62-0394
C1,C2	100N 2.5MM Y5V DIELEC.CERAMIC (RC)	08-0275
C3	220N 5MM Y5V DIELECT.CERAMIC (RC)	08-0280
J1	2.1 PCB DC POWER SOCKET (RC)	20-0970
socket for IC2	18 PIN 0.3IN TURNED PIN SOCKET(RC)	22-1723
IC2**	PIC16F628A-I/P (RC)	73-3340
D1	1N4001A 1A 50V RECTIFIER DIODE (RC)	47-3420
LED1 - 8* (order 8)	L-7113ID LED 5MM RED DIFF 45MCD (RC)	55-0155
Power supply ***	9V 600MA MINI PLUGTOP SW MODE PSU RC	85-2957

What to do….

Powering lots of LEDs


I’ve got lots of ideas of stuff to do with LEDs.

The MAX7221 is a good candidate to start with (I think).

I just ordered one and will give that a whirl.

More ideas. More. More.

LEDs arriving


I’m getting some LEDs for projects. It seems it’s way cheaper to buy them in bulk rather than onesies and twosies.

I’d like to figure out how to easily control lots of LEDs. I think it has lots of potential as a feedback mechanism.

Powering LEDs with Arduino


LED’s might be a fun project. A larger number of them may be more interesting.

I guess the basics led hook up is to use a resistor since they are lower impedance.

I was just looking at that and think that Charlieplexing might be a way of getting lots of LEDs going for a fun project (another).

Shift registers are another thing to consider. Here’s a project.

There is also some talk in the adafruit forum. Also the Arduino forum (another, another, another).

Here’s a cool video of a 8x8x8 cube of LEDs.


My friend Bill from Winona wrote a blurb on incandescent bulbs.

It will be interesting to see where lighting goes.

The compact florescent are pretty nasty (full of chemicals).

Have you been bringing your florescent bults to the right recycling depot? Or just throwing them out?

He brings up a good point that LED’s are starting to emerge. I see them in traffic lights, tail lights and lots of other applications already. Perhaps that will be the best lighting source.

Printed Circuit Art


This looks like something interesting to put on your wall.

I think it would go well with the generator concept on my “Electric Rooster” kinetic art.

I will look into this.