Makergear Extruder Batch 5

Yesterday I finally started assembling my extruder that will be mounted on one of my mills.

It’s uses a stepper with a gear box to control flow rather than a dc motor that uses pressure like a Makerbot.

-Plastruder ~ $180.00
-Stepper controller
-A few pounds of material to work with. I got some black and some orange.

It’s actually pretty satisfying bolting these plastic chunks together with springs, ball bearings and bolts. I can’t wait to be making this sort of stuff.

Plastruder arrived!


Wohoo! My makergear plastruder arrived. It came to about 260.00 (that includes a bit of filament to get started).

I also had to pay about 35 bucks at the border.

I got the 3mm stepper with stepper controller.

Can’t wait to get it running!

I hope it’s not too hard to get it going. I understand lots of people have these running on their mill with EMC2 and Mach III.

I’ve got a lot on my plate but hopefully I can be running it soon!

Makergear google group

I joined this group the other day (I suppose Friday 11th, Feb, 11) since I’m anxiously awaiting my plastruder from them. It was a little tricky making sure that I had everything I needed from their site. We’ll see if I have all the stuff when I try to connect it to my CNC.


I just learned that my new extruder from MakerGear was shipped today!
I’m so excited I can’t stand it!

I’m going to attach it to my CNC mill and make plastic parts (I hope).

I don’t know how long it will take to ship to NY but I’m very excited
to receive it and get it going.

My mill is run by Mach 3. Anybody have experience with that?

I also have EMC2. What about that one?

My extruder has a stepper motor. What do I connect the stepper
controller to? A pin on parallel port?

My project page is It has all my projects of
making things.

Darcy Whyte