ModLab Report

Modlab was fun tonight.

I worked on my drawbot a bit but there was so much else going on. Guy et. al. were working on their quad copter, we did some laser cutting and of course piles of other projects and collaboration.

My friend Mark Stephenson came by. As you can see he made a design of his name and ModLab which we cut on the laser cutter. We did it in cardboard to figure out a few things then moved to acrylic. I had some 3/16 acrylic (extruded).

The feed rate tables suggested 10 percent feed rate, 100 percent power and 5000 frequency. After a few minutes that blew the power bar fuse. Andrew Plumb moved the air cleaner to a different plugin. We tried the same job and then we blew a main fuse. We found it in the hallway and got everything back going.

The job was completed by changing the power to 50% and doing two passes.