Different stepper motor shafts


The electrical of my mill is sort of fried so I am wanting to put on my Zylotex 4-axis system which is probably much better.

Then once I’m finished making my 4th Axis, I will be all set.

I was just looking at the steppers on my mill and noticed that the shafts are 5/16 inches. How rude, the motors that came with my Zylotex are 1/4″ shaft.

The motors on the machine are:

  • 57BYGH636-41B
  • 1.8 degree
  • 3A
  • NO: 20101024
  • Shaft measures 0.315 (5/16) inches
  • Wires: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


The ones I was about to put on are:

  • Zylotex
  • 23H276-28-4B
  • 2.8A/phase
  • 1.9Nm
  • MS Motor
  • Made in China
  • 2010/05/05
  • Shaft: 1/4 inches
  • Wires: Blue, Green, Red, Black

Its probably easier to just drive the old motors with my Zylotex drivers. Is it safe to just plug those motors in? Do I just pretend that the yellow is black or what?

What’s this motor?

What are the specs of this motor?

I have two of these and I was wondering if anybody knows how to read the label for the motor specifications?

They are about the size of a beer can.

I am entertaining using them to generate electricity but I can’t see if the’y’re too small.