Simple Percussion Instrument


My new tool box came on a skid. Strangely it was not a spruce skid or whatever the usually make skids from. It’s some really nice dense wood.

So I decided to make a musical instrument out of the wood from the skids.

Guitar Test Cut


This is the first cut I made using MeshCAM.

This is awesome software by the way. I’m still learning it but I’m already very ¬†impressed (more on this later).

This is a cut for guitar electronics installation so it will actually be inside the guitar.

I am finishing up the rewiring of my larger mill right now so I decided to run the test cut on my Poly mill.

It will be out of sight so it’s not really important if it looks good. But it does. It’s smooth as a baby’s bum.

It was very satisfying to see the MeshCAM tool path which included a rough pass, a waterline to create a smooth surface and a pencil cut to clean all the corners.

Installing electronics on a guitar


A friend of mine needs some work done on his guitar.

He needs a pocket cut in it to make way for electronics.

In the pictures you can see the Sketchup image of the pocket.

I used MeshCAM to make the toolpaths.

You can see the toolpath in the black image (I used NCPlot to render that).

Remote Control 6″ Hockey Puck

My friend Rob’s kids have formed a band. They are doing some PR at hockey games. They are using a puck platform for their drum kit. The challenge is to make it remote control or automatic or to have it self powered or something. This way the kids would not have to tow it.

Any ideas or suggestions?

I’m thinking of a few things:

-add a third kid who can be in charge of “motion control”

-make it programmable

-make it follow a beacon which is attached to one of the kids on foot.

-make it remote control so a 4th party can control it remotely

Musical question

I am wondering.

If you could ask 5 questions of a musical expert what would they be?

Questions about interpretation of a specific song or work?

Questions about motives or personalities of artists?